When NT’s Mental Health Crisis Team did a house visit last month after my 2nd strong suicidal ideation, they asked what my propensity to hurt myself was at that time. I told them it was 60% — I’m ready to hurt myself by all means and die. The other 40% was not, and only for 1 reason – my husband, Karlo. There are countless articles on what type of person you should look for and marry, and from vague memory, I remember writing one for…Continue Reading “My 40%”

Right or wrong. Summer or winter. Day or night. Maybes. Spring and autumn. Sunrise and sunsets. I live in an ideal world of extreme opposites, of definite contrasts. That good things happen to good people and bad things to bad ones. But the intricacy of life was designed to marvel with grey areas To challenge our minds with unknown variables To stir our hearts through uncertainties and change. We only have a beginning and ending that’s absolute. But everything in between is a spectrum of…Continue Reading “Polarity”