It’s Day 35 of my 100-day #iquitsugar challenge. To give you a preview on how my diet looked like prior to starting this project, here’s how a typical day would look like: 1 bowl of oats in the morning Chocolates / pastries to match my coffee for morning tea Lunch (ulam with rice) 1 bar of KitKat 4 Finger Milk Chocolate for dessert Chocolates / pastries to match my coffee for afternoon tea Dinner (ulam with rice) A bowl of ice cream sprinkled with M&M’s…Continue Reading “I Quit Sugar”

“Tear off the mask. Your face is glorious.” – Rumi I was seated comfortably on the couch on a Wednesday afternoon in my counsellor’s office, facing Nina, my counsellor. Thanks to my employer’s generous Employee Assistance Program (EAP), I am able to avail of 5 counselling sessions for free, which were normally priced at A$230+ per hour. I’ve gone deep into my “dip” episode again and decided to seek professional assistance this time. Nina: How are you feeling right now? Me: I’m exhausted.  I was…Continue Reading “Time Traveler”