2008, Starbucks Gateway, smoking area. 2 friends starting to get to know each other while sipping their own frappucino drinks on 1 weekday afternoon. I’m trying to recall if I skipped class that day to spend time with him, or I did finish my classes that day. All I could remember was I was enjoying every minute of time talking to him. I was tired of getting in and out of shallow relationships for 2 years, so I cut to the chase of telling him…Continue Reading “On Your Birthday, My Love”

Hi Jarl, In a few hours, I’ll be saying goodbye to another decade of my life and will be bidding hello to a brand new chapter of life. Birthdays are always special episodes of remembering the year that was and feeling the excitement of what’s yet to unfold. But this year’s extraordinary because I’m inclined to remember the ‘decade’ that was and couldn’t help but feel immense gratitude for having reached this far in life. It’s not so much the length of time adding up…Continue Reading “To My 20 Year Old Self”