Amen, I say to you, one of you will betray me. – Mt 26:21 Today, we remember Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and how the people enthusiastically welcomed him with palm leaves as he entered. Who would have thought that the same people who welcomed him could or might have been the very same people who persecuted him and chose Barabbas over him, eventually leading him to his suffering and death on the cross. Jesus didn’t even have to go that far in terms of betrayal….Continue Reading “Palm Sunday: The Betrayal”

Today marks the holiest week in Christianity, showing us the greatest manifestation of love in the world. I grew up and have been exposed to professing my faith the most concrete way, the likes of which included hearing Mass every Sunday (there was a point in my life I even went to Mass daily) and getting myself involved with parish activities — as lector and commentator, as an audio-visual operator (props to Fr. Omer Prieto for introducing us to the wonders of great music and…Continue Reading “Sunday Reflection: Without the Trappings”