Starting at 17 years old, I lost 4 friends in 4 consecutive years. Charmaine in 2005, Randall in 2006, Axell in 2007 and Krishia in 2008. All of them are my High School batch mates. And my life was never the same ever since. One is called a widow/widower for a spouse who gets left behind but there is no word to describe parents left behind by children who die earlier than their parents. Probably because it’s not the way things should naturally be, in…Continue Reading “How Death Has Guided My Married Life”

I’m way overdue for my 2nd quarterly reflection about marriage (supposed to be written on our 6th wedding monthsary but we celebrated our 8th yesterday) but I thought tonight would be the best time to write about it, while sippingĀ red wine on the sides, enjoying Karlo’s signature hotdog and onions as pulutan, listening to Wave 89.1 Dreamsounds playlist in Spotify, all while being in a completely confused state in our life. My first quarter reflection listed 10 things but I’ll cut this down to 7…Continue Reading “My Next 7 Things About Married Life”