I bought a book two weeks ago entitled ‘Rising Strong’, written by Brené Brown. I know I shouldn’t buy a new book, given the stack of books I bought in the past months which remain unread ’til now. But I knew deep within that I needed to buy it. I just finished the 7th chapter, out of the 11 book chapters. This section was by far the most difficult reading I had to do in my whole life because I was just crying the whole time. It…Continue Reading “The Seventh Chapter”

To my dearest Luna Aurora and Julio Miguel, Hi kids, it’s Mum. This is my first letter to you my loving children. Just to let you know, neither of you has been formed in my tummy yet as I’m writing this. I’ve sent the wrong signal to my friends over the weekend that I was pregnant when I posted a pregnancy journal that I bought on sale. The thought of writing a letter for my future children has been bugging me ever since. I think…Continue Reading “Dear Luna Aurora and Julio Miguel”

I wanted to go into the details of how we prepared for the wedding, but since I’ve yet to sort the 2000+ photos sent by our official photographer and I wanted to include photos in that particular blog entry, I’ll have to save that topic to a later post. I thought of sharing a bit about the things I’ve learned for our first 3 months as husband and wife. In a way, this would be a ‘quarterly’ report to our parents and our godparents, and…Continue Reading “Wedding Wednesday Series: 10 Things about Married Life So Far”