Dear Luna Aurora and Julio Miguel

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To my dearest Luna Aurora and Julio Miguel,

Hi kids, it’s Mum. This is my first letter to you my loving children. Just to let you know, neither of you has been formed in my tummy yet as I’m writing this. I’ve sent the wrong signal to my friends over the weekend that I was pregnant when I posted a pregnancy journal that I bought on sale. The thought of writing a letter for my future children has been bugging me ever since. I think everyone’s excited to meet you, but more than anyone, it’s Mum and Dad who are the most excited. I want to let you know how I feel even before conceiving either of you.

Right now, I’m worried. Your Aunt Aileen hasn’t given me the go signal yet to carry you in my womb for health reasons. You see, Mum has grown extraordinarily big these past months and I’ve been bingeing on sweets like crazy, which is of course unhealthy. And I don’t want to provide an unfavourable home for you for the first 9 months that you’ll be inside me. I’ve been attempting to adopt a healthy lifestyle but please forgive Mum for being stubborn lately.

But right now, I’m also hopeful. Mum and Dad have been praying for you to be given to us as a blessing at the right time. It used to be that we were hoping for our kids to turn out handsome and beautiful. Of course, we still want you to be adorable (as how Dad and Mum are…ehem!) but now, really, it’s just icing on the cake. More than ever, we’re hoping that, as long as you come out strong and healthy, we’ll be very happy.

I have to admit that Mum is also afraid. Will I be able to go through the process of pregnancy and survive childbirth? Will I be able to endure sleepless nights because of your erratic sleeping times as a baby? Will I be able to raise you as good kids? Will I have the capacity to teach you good values? Will Mum and Dad be able to adequately provide for your needs and wants? Will I be a good mother? I could think of so many ways on what to do and what not to do, based on my personal experience as a daughter. Because I’ve been in your position too. But I’m afraid that with too much love for you as a mother, I might hinder your growth as a person.

On a positive note, Mum is also excited. Mum and Dad can’t wait to bring you to different places. It used to be that it’s just Mum and Dad travelling and exploring new destinations, now we’ll have you in tow. The world is brimming with so much beauty and wonder that we can’t wait for you to see and experience it yourselves. We’ll figure out unfamiliar places and decipher foreign languages together. Inasmuch as I’m excited for you to embark on new adventures, I’m also excited to create a warm and loving home that you can always return to after your journey.

I have to tell you something about homemaking though. Dad’s more of the domesticated type than Mum. Dad cooks more delicious meals, can tidy up the house and can do the laundry twice as fast as Mum, can budget the money more efficiently than Mum. Your dad would often mention to me that being a stay-at-home dad would be like hitting a jackpot in the future because really, that’s his cup of tea. But you see, Mum is competitive too. Whatever Dad can do, Mum makes sure that she can do as well, even better if possible. So we’ll see later on, okay?

My dearest kids, you’ll carry our name which means beauty. Wherever you go and however you’ll come to be in the future, I want you to remember that creating beauty in the world around you always starts from within. Hopefully, Dad and I can nurture you into beautiful children as to how God has planned you to be.


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