It’s been more than a month since I was assigned to do Live Chat in Macquarie International’s Contact Centre. Basically, I’m this pop-up window which appears at the bottom right hand side of Macquarie University’s website, specifically on those pages for prospective international students. I’m a creature of habit, and the more frequent I do things, the more efficient I become. Thanks to my keyboard typing skills, copy-paste skills, and Google, what used to be a 50 live chat count for the day, I can…Continue Reading “My Sparkling Gems at Work”

I thought we’ll be spared from communication gaps which normally happen if you go to a foreign country which speaks another language apart from yours. In the Philippines, our medium of instruction is English so I thought it’s just the Australian / British accent which I have to adjust to when we get here. Turns out,¬†Aussie English is a whole new world of interesting words, phrases and expressions which take time getting used to. My husband and I spent our Sunday morning with our friends…Continue Reading “Lost in Translation: Aussie Slang”