Note: I am writing this entry not in a professional capacity and am writing from personal experience. This post is not to be affiliated with CDU Global nor Macquarie International and is not to be regarded as a guideline for securing a positive visa outcome nor migration outcome in Australia for the future. I want to study in Australia, but where do I begin? As a former international student and now working in the international office of a university, I receive this question several times….Continue Reading “How to Study in Australia”

I thought we’ll be spared from communication gaps which normally happen if you go to a foreign country which speaks another language apart from yours. In the Philippines, our medium of instruction is English so I thought it’s just the Australian / British accent which I have to adjust to when we get here. Turns out, Aussie English is a whole new world of interesting words, phrases and expressions which take time getting used to. My husband and I spent our Sunday morning with our friends…Continue Reading “Lost in Translation: Aussie Slang”

The graduating international students of Macquarie University for 2016 Session 1 were officially sent off by the academics and staff through the International Student Farewell Gathering held today at the Atrium and Lakeside Marquee. Truth be told, I was having qualms in attending since technically, we won’t know if we have successfully graduated until our final grades will be released on 15th July. I didn’t want to preempt any form of celebration lest I see the final verdict. It’s the main reason why I didn’t…Continue Reading “International Student Farewell Gathering”

“Look beyond your borders. Know that you are connected to something larger. Have an ideal and move step by step. See the world. Serve the world. Be a global citizen and shape the world.” — UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon I ended the International Relations (IR) component of my 2-year Masters Degree today through our final exam in my last IR unit: War and Violence in World Politics. I can’t say I’ve officially and successfully completed the IR component of my degree since grades won’t be…Continue Reading “Do Svidaniya, IR”

Today, Karlo and I had the opportunity to take part in the launching of the Filipino International Student Council of New South Wales (NSW) at the Philippine Consulate here in Sydney. This initiative has been almost 3 years in the making, but hopefully the ball’s gonna start rolling this time. Who’s the target audience? Well, I’ve did a bit of research and found that in 2015, there are a total of 50,011 Filipino international students who enrolled and 21,271 who commenced their studies in NSW….Continue Reading “Filipino International Student Council of NSW”

Today, I commenced my 4th role in Macquarie International office. Yes, you read it right – my 4th role since I started working in December 2014. But don’t get me wrong, aside from the uncomfortable 1st day innocence in every new role, I actually like the changes. Instead of changes, I actually prefer to call them as continuous blessings and opportunities. Well, here’s a sneak peek of my part-time work which helps pay for our rent, utility bills, phone, petrol and grocery in Australia 🙂…Continue Reading “1st Day High on my 17th Month in MI!”