1st Day High on my 17th Month in MI!

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Today, I commenced my 4th role in Macquarie International office. Yes, you read it right – my 4th role since I started working in December 2014. But don’t get me wrong, aside from the uncomfortable 1st day innocence in every new role, I actually like the changes. Instead of changes, I actually prefer to call them as continuous blessings and opportunities. Well, here’s a sneak peek of my part-time work which helps pay for our rent, utility bills, phone, petrol and grocery in Australia šŸ™‚

In a nutshell, Macquarie International (MI)Ā is the first point of contact of Macquarie University to international students. A cohort from more than 100 countries, international students make up 37% of Macquarie’s student population. Basically, MI takes charge the moment an international prospective applicant makes contact with Macquarie, until such time the studentĀ arrives in Macquarie and commences his studies. Catering to a diverse student group, MI employs staff from a whole range of countries and I’m proud to represent the Philippines!


MI serves several functions and my 4 roles so far are specifically under the Global Business Development Team. What have I been doing here for the past 17 months?

1st role: International Agent Administration Assistant

2nd role: Student Regional Assistant – Pacific

3rd role: Marketing Assistant

4th role: Contact Centre Assistant (current)

It’s like embarking on a graduateĀ / managerial program where you’re shuffled in different departments to get a feel of several roles in the company. I wouldn’t go into the bits and pieces of my job (my LinkedIn profile does), but to sum up my entire 17 months here so far, it’s beyond amazing! Being here is like virtually travelling around the world because of the diversity of the students and international staff I get to interact with. Heck, even our meeting rooms are named after cities in different parts of the world – Rio, Beijing, Paris, etc. My bosses are awesome too! I often envy the country managers here since they breathe life in the ‘travel for work’ concept. I used to be a fan of student fairs in Manila and Open DaysĀ since studying abroad is one of my personal goals. And now as an MI staff, I get to be on the other side of the story, representing Macquarie University in student fairs and events.


Sometimes, the work load gets overwhelming but I always look at it as continuous opportunities for learning and growth. There are times too when I just want to give this up and leave because it takes a hell lot of commitment and patienceĀ to juggle doing my Masters and working at the same time. But how will I survive here if I don’t work? Being off the hook from my parents financially, there is really no other option but to make this arrangement work.

Well, this is the 1st day of my 4th role so far and I still have a long way to go, career-wise. No regrets at all for being here. How far I’ve come and wherever I am now, I’m just happy to be blessed with this. I’m grateful. Hope you’ll not give up on me MI, not just yet šŸ™‚




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