It’s 11:00pm, 14th of February 2017. First Valentine’s Day celebration as a married couple. I’m propped up on our bed, writing this blog post while my husband is snoring beside me. An hour ago, we were walking from the parking lot to our hotel in our flip flops and summer casual wear, while every couple we walk past were dressed in their best romantic dinner date attire. An hour and a half hour ago, we just parted ways with our 1st 2 friends in Darwin…Continue Reading “Valentine’s Day 2017”

I thought we’ll be spared from communication gaps which normally happen if you go to a foreign country which speaks another language apart from yours. In the Philippines, our medium of instruction is English so I thought it’s just the Australian / British accent which I have to adjust to when we get here. Turns out,¬†Aussie English is a whole new world of interesting words, phrases and expressions which take time getting used to. My husband and I spent our Sunday morning with our friends…Continue Reading “Lost in Translation: Aussie Slang”