Wedding Wednesday Series: The Proposal

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Screenshot of the life event I posted in Facebook when Karlo and I got engaged 🙂

I knew it would be Karlo. It was just a matter of when and how he would propose. I sometimes avoid sharing to Karlo my delight in watching wedding proposal videos because I feel that I’m putting so much pressure on him to prepare for that eventful day. It’s often those big displays of affection and love, elaborately planned with all the logistics, which make an impact on me. Think of those proposals involving family and friends making surprise appearances, popping the big question in front of a touristy view, romantic dinner dates with strings music playing in the background, flash mobs, kneeling on one knee in front of a public audience, etc. Deep down, I wanted something like that.

But Karlo wasn’t like that.

Pulling off grand gestures wasn’t really his type.

Public appearances and public announcements wasn’t his cup of tea.

He’s a very private person, but very thoughtful and sweet.

And that was how he popped the long-awaited question to me.


It was our 8-hour flight from Manila to Sydney, the journey we’ve been anticipating for several months already. We were on PR211 flight, a schedule which departs Manila at 10:35pm on 22nd June 2014 and arrives in Sydney 23rd June 2014 at 8:45am. We were seated in the middle aisle of the plane. Dinner’s been served, leftovers and trash were collected, cabin lights were dimmed, and everyone was ready to sleep. I slept too, because we were supposed to, right?

In the middle of my sleep, I woke up. I felt uncomfortable and had to switch to a different sleeping position. I envy those people who can sleep non-stop throughout a long flight. In Tagalog, we have this term ‘naalimpungatan’. It means being suddenly awoken up from a sleep for different reasons, and you’re not sure for that brief moment whether you’re still asleep or already awake. I was at that confused stage when Karlo faced me and started saying his long script. Sorry honey, but no matter how hard I try to recall your exact words, I honestly couldn’t remember a thing. The only words I could remember were the words ‘will you marry me’ and you presenting that black diamond ring from the middle of nowhere.

Literally, it was the moment when I’m trying to separate dreams from reality. It was that moment when Karlo decided to take our relationship a notch higher. Of course, without hesitation, I said YES!

Not long after, I realised the enormity and significance of that episode which would start to change our lives. And hey, it was also our 75th monthsary! It dawned on me, the fact that it was done in the most private and solemn way, that was the sweetest wedding proposal I could ever get. Not even our seatmates in the plane had the slightest chance that the ones seated next to them just got engaged. No one knew in the plane, not even the pilot nor any of the flight attendants. No one knew about that milestone except us. No public audience, no flowers, no string quartets. It was just me, Karlo, that black diamond ring, and simple words of asking someone to marry you.

And if I’d have the chance for it to be done all over again, I wouldn’t prefer it any other way except the exact way which Karlo did it.

Someday, when we’d have kids and they’d ask how their Daddy proposed to Mommy, I wouldn’t have professional photos or hidden video footage to show. It will be just between Daddy and Mommy for them to cherish in their hearts forever. We can only tell it to them through stories. Karlo would then say, “And this, kids, is how I proposed to your mother.” 😀


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