I wanted to go into the details of how we prepared for the wedding, but since I’ve yet to sort the 2000+ photos sent by our official photographer and I wanted to include photos in that particular blog entry, I’ll have to save that topic to a later post. I thought of sharing a bit about the things I’ve learned for our first 3 months as husband and wife. In a way, this would be a ‘quarterly’ report to our parents and our godparents, and…Continue Reading “Wedding Wednesday Series: 10 Things about Married Life So Far”

I knew it would be Karlo. It was just a matter of when and how he would propose. I sometimes avoid sharing to Karlo my delight in watching wedding proposal videos because I feel that I’m putting so much pressure on him to prepare for that eventful day. It’s often those big displays of affection and love, elaborately planned with all the logistics, which make an impact on me. Think of those proposals involving family and friends making surprise appearances, popping the big question in…Continue Reading “Wedding Wednesday Series: The Proposal”

I’ve decided to dedicate Wednesdays for weddings. Being the middle day of a 5-day work week, Wednesdays are those days that you just got to get it over and done with. It’s called a ‘hump day’ for a reason anyway. So to counter the negative vibes attributed to Wednesdays, I will choose to focus on positive things and what better way to do it than think of pleasant events, and in my case, it’s our wedding! As of this writing, we’ve been married for 99…Continue Reading “Wedding Wednesday Series”